I'm familiar with quitting when it gets hard, but I've also persevered through the hard to see success. Information, whether it's true or false, is what creates this reality. 

As you well know we live in the information age. There are a thousand messages that bombard us, and here comes another one in the form of a sole proprietor's blog. 

My singular point in this post is that for every fragment of info that enters your head you have the ability to accept or reject it. You can also wait to act on it. This gets easier to practice as you age because experience is a powerful teacher if you let it teach you. Whether it's business or personal you have the power to dissect every sentence of info to see if it will help you get to where you are trying to go. 

I think it goes without saying that there's times when we fail because of the information we accept, but there's also times when the steps we take lead us to a place we want to be. I'm going to cross a PC (Politically Correct) line here because it's embedded in my DNA. God brings together the people He wants together to accomplish His will. 

This makes some of you uncomfortable because we aren't supposed to discuss religion, politics or sex. Especially on a site dedicated to commerce. We can agree to disagree. I've discussed all three in my client's homes, and to pretend like I'm not a businessman of faith in the Judeo-Christian faith would be dishonest. 

Not only do I proclaim the name of Jesus Christ, but it governs every thought and action I take 24/7. It frames my thinking in work and play. It redeems me when I experience failure, and it makes me look at success with humility. 

No doubt you have a value system that has brought you to where you are at this very moment. I will never bind my faith on you, but neither will I refuse to talk about the difference Jesus Christ makes in my life. They tried to silence the Christian movement, but the more they did the more it grew. 

It's important to be kind and gentle, but when the rubber meets the road who created kindness and gentleness? Are we nice because it's nice to be nice? Or is it deeper than that? 

I'd argue with the later. Food for thought. 

Daniel Tomlinson