Real Success

Perseverance is so important. Yesterday was a tough day, and I'm not going to elaborate on it except to say I had to tend to some payroll issues that did not resolve. Perseverance is painful when problems don't resolve, but I suppose it did resolve because I'm here writing about it. So much of persevering is looking at the paradoxes we face, and being content with the way they "resolve." 

Life is hard even for those who dot all the i's and cross all the t's, but let me encourage you today not to give up on your dreams. I know it's hard. There are countless times we want to throw in the towel. Even for those of you with good mental health life can be excruciatingly hard. Don't ever invalidate another's suffering. When you compare one pain to another know that both sufferings must be grieved. 

As a Christian I know we are up against an unseen evil that penetrates hearts and minds, and it affects all believers and unbelievers. We have to be kind. All of us have to be kind because the only way our world is going to change is for those who are filled with hate and apathy to receive kindness. We do not empower wrong doing, but kindness might be ignoring the guy in traffic who pulls out in front of you. 

We live in a drastically different world then when I was a child, but hope is not gone. Hope happens one human interaction at a time, and that means situations in home, school and marketplace. 

We don't need another sermon or condemnation. We need kindness and perseverance. 

That's success.