Unseen Persistence

I noticed I had a post titled persistence a few posts ago on this blog. I came here with an idea to write about, but I forgot it, so I'm going to go with the topic of persistence again. 

I just finished driving for Lyft, and I had a couple of thoughts I want to share. I was going to stop before I did, but I decided to drive down to Franklin to see what kind of business I could drum up or inspirations might enter my head. While circling the square I remembered the time I cleaned the Little School in 4th Avenue Church of Christ, and it was a fond memory. I'd frequently go to that Starbucks on the square for coffee breaks, and I'd write there too, so that memory as well put a smile on my face. 

Staying positive is so important when you're an entrepreneur because it can be a grueling road. It's rewarding, but an attitude of persistence has to be developed. 

That's why I don't see how anyone does it without God. The unseen hope that drives me sustains me when I can't see past the present, much less the future. 

I'm thankful for people in the church and in the marketplace for showing me how to keep God front and center in my "personal" and "professional" life.

That's where persistence ultimately comes from. 

Daniel Tomlinson