Learning in the Mundane

I wanted to be driving for Lyft this morning, but I'm icing my left trap instead. We have a deep clean tomorrow, and two regular cleans on Friday, so I'd like to be physically ready to clean those. Hence the reason I'm trying to heal my left trapezius. 

Life happens doesn't it? You don't have to look far to see that not all i's or dotted or t's are crossed, but the adjustments I make can enhance long-term success. There is the possibility that this injury might need a doctor visit, but as I spend the next eight hours icing my trap every twenty minutes and taking ibuprofen I might be able to steer clear of that resort. 

I'm often enamored at the life lessons I can learn in seemingly mundane circumstances like this, but I think that's how we grow in wisdom. I actually did learn something about my vacuum cleaner that I did not know yesterday, and it added cleaning skills to my knowledge base.

The vacuum cleaner I was using is a Panasonic brand, and it has attachments for tight corner cleaning. I thought the hose had to be connected for the vacuum proper to clean the floor, but it turns out you can use the vacuum proper and the attachments simultaneously. That was quite the time saver as I descended a customer's staircase. 

As you go about your life's work whether you enjoy it or not don't resent small moments like this because whether or not it's a paper cut or a new revelation like I discovered with my vacuum cleaner you might just have a light bulb moment that will overshadow what you weren't able to do that you wanted to do.

And you'll grow in wisdom and knowledge, and become a better person for it. 

Have a great day.