I think if it came easy then everyone would be an entrepreneur. I didn't wash my Norwex rags last night after work, so when I took care of a personal matter I came back to the "office" to wash them. Thankfully I only have one stop today, so I've got time to wash and dry them before I service a beautiful house. 

My friend Sam Davidson inspired me to come here to share with you because that man does not give up, and even when it's been a long time between emails he ships them. Thank you Sam. Never give up when a vision infiltrates your mind. Even if it takes years. 

Jon Acuff is an expert when it comes to entrepreneurial aspirations. He talks a lot about the things we can't control, but I love the way he talks and writes about hustle. 

The other day I did not have any houses to clean, so I went out to drive for a company I work for on the side. I gave about 6 rides, and the people I met fed the hustle even more. Feelings follow action my friends. There are times to wait, but when you hustle in place of self-pity powerful things begin to happen that transform your circumstance. 

Those of us who fight depression must concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other because it's very easy for us to climb back into bed, or worse do things that paralyze us from putting one foot in front of the other. 

Life doesn't wake you up to get your fair share. You have to make it happen even if you have a j-o-b. In many ways all of us are self-employed because the next time you don't feel like going to work see how long you keep your job. You might have a boss who is terrible, but you aren't being held a gunpoint to stay there. Reach out to 48 Days for help. Grieve in your journal. Start a blog about work and career. Sign up for a LinkedIn account, and look at the plethora of help there for those who provide or are looking for meaningful work experiences. 

You aren't a victim, and we serve a Father who is capable of doing the impossible. 

Daniel Tomlinson