Show Up

I know someone who just lost his wife. She died of natural causes, but she was much too young to pass from this life. Her delightful husband, children and grandchildren will deeply miss her. Her extended community will sorely miss her beautiful smiling face, and the Lipscomb University baseball team will deeply miss her cheering the Bisons on from the stands. 

I don't know why God let's bad things happen to good people, but I do know he never leaves nor forsakes us when the unthinkable happens. 

As I met with my business mentor Tim Cummings this morning I noticed an older gentleman pushing a janitor's cart around Green Hills Mall, and I was encouraged by his choice to come to work. Showing up is so important. 

After our business mentoring time I left to clean a house, and when I finished I headed home to be with my wife and daughter. My wife took the day off to reorganize the entire house, and my daughter is home sick from school. I told my wife I'd be home by noon, but I was able to be home before that. 

What you do, share and think governs how your life will go. I'm shocked that our friend Loa is no longer with us, and I'm saddened with a large community of people who will miss her. 

As I reflect upon her life I'm going to start smiling and encouraging more people as I see them in public and private.

Death has been front and center for all of us in America since last week. Death is a reality we all have to plan for, and in light of the tension we have with north Korea it's nice to pause for a few weeks as we put our differences aside in the Olympics. 

I'm a Christian as you probably guessed, but if I were to try and hide this it would go against my conscience, and when that happens I sin. I try not to sin, but because I'm human I do. I don't put my faith in trying not to sin or trying not to die because both are inevitable. 

My faith is in my Father who neither sins or dies, and because of him I live and move and have my being in him no matter what happens. 

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