Parkland, Florida

When loss happens to any organization the temptation is to give up. Our prayers are with Parkland, Florida as they grieve this terrible tragedy. 

Loss happens to all of us, but what defines us is whether we keep going or not. I'm not comparing my loss to the loss of the parents and families of those in Parkland, but there's not a single one of us who hasn't wanted to throw in the towel. 

This business is no exception. This past year has been a tough year for keeping the doors open. I had to let 2 employees go, move out of my first office, and replace several customers who left. 

I'm still cleaning houses. That's a powerful sentence. I've quit, failed and rejected many opportunities out of fear and the thought that I could not do what I was tasked to do. I just slept for 11 hours out of grief for some personal matters I'm not going to reveal. 

I came really close to not writing this post, but I'm glad I did. None of us has any clue what each of us is dealing with unless we ask or tell someone. 

People bring their problems to work, and even though I've tried to separate business from pleasure something has to give at some point when we admit that we are the same person wherever we are. 

Rejection hurts. The cold blooded murder of innocent people who were trying to learn is pure evil. This must stop. We cannot expect to get to a better place if we continue doing the things we've always done. 

That's true in my business. That's true in my family. That's true in my church. 

God bless America.