Cooking Chicken

I sat down for lunch today at a local eatery, and I got to talking to the owner. Turns out he's going through a number of interviews to find people who work to his standards. Put it this way, my first piece of fried chicken was red in the center. A delightful employee had me give it to her before I even got up to complain. They were so apologetic, and the owner was able to vent his frustrations to a listening ear. 

It made me think about business in a different light. It is beyond frustrating when you hire someone who doesn't do what you hire them to do. It's important to make sure chicken is thoroughly cooked. It's important to dust well when your cleaning rotation calls for a thorough dusting. 

I understand not enjoying what you do. There's enough work out there to find something that doesn't make you unhappy. When someone gives you money for your service or product try to make them happy. Try not to cut corners. 

And if you're cooking chicken make sure it's cooked.