I'm confident I'm not the first to write about momentum in the workplace. 

Cleaning a house requires momentum. I enjoy cleaning houses. That's obvious, but there are times when I don't want to. I have to use self-control to start. Once I start the feeling of wanting to kicks in. Then momentum builds as I move my way through a house. 

Most things in life are this way. When you see a person who is really talented at their art or trade you don't see the hours, days, months and years of practice they've put into it behind the scenes. I see Candace Parker's momentum over years when I watch her on television. 

I used self-control and momentum to get out of bed this morning. Nothing is accomplished without momentum. I started this business ten years ago. It's momentum has been up and down like mountains and valleys. 

It's individuals like you who inspire me not to give up. You read my blog posts. You let me clean your house. You give me feedback to improve our performance. 

Thank you for contributing to the momentum I've created with Clean Houses. 

If you're interested in using our service to focus your momentum in other areas besides house cleaning contact us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our contact page. We'd love the opportunity to create more momentum with you. 

Daniel Tomlinson