Cleaning Nashville

Influence is not always about being the most seen and heard. If someone is interested in my message they will seek it out. Our new economy is such that if someone needs what I am selling, residential cleaning, they will find me. 

Now that doesn't mean I don't make myself accessible, hence the reason I'm posting here on my website. Obviously we are not a national brand being that we focus on the Nashville marketplace. It's important to know who you are and who you are trying to reach. 

I've been watching more HGTV because as an industry participant I'm always interested in how they are remodeling, designing and decorating the residences. It's intriguing. When I began this business over ten years ago I think that's what ultimately drove me day after day to go into these residences to see the way people arrange and decorate their homes. 

My job before I started this business was working for a Coca-Cola bottling company where cinder block storage rooms in the backs of grocery stores was my view. Yuck. I don't see any shows on HGTV where they remodel grocery store stock rooms. 

I've cleaned some of the most beautiful residences in Nashville, and I can't thank those client enough for trusting me to clean their lovely homes. 

We'd love the opportunity to sit down with you about cleaning your home, so if you're interested click here, and I'll be in touch.