Conflict is inevitable. If you're breathing you're going to have conflict. 

I've not always handled conflict well, but two recent incidents give me cause for celebration. 

The first one happened when I texted an employee about working one particular Saturday. They could not work that Saturday, and I was upset about it. I allowed the upset to die down before I confronted them on it. I stayed calm, rational and I explained why I was upset. We both came to a peaceful understanding about our perspective positions. 

Another situation happened with a marketplace stranger. This stranger told me they would email me, but they never emailed me, and I grew upset about that. I waited until late in the morning, and I called this stranger about the info I was trying to get. I stayed calm, rational, and I confronted them on not emailing. Information was exchanged, and we went our separate ways peacefully. 

These two incidents are important because many times in business we graze over the small victories before us without realizing the progress. 

It's important in conflict management that I remain calm and peaceful. When I'm not able to articulate why I'm upset then the other party cannot aid me in reaching calm and peace. Conflict management is a two-way street, and the more opportunities I have for these kinds of healthy interactions the better business person I will become.