As I texted with a new customer last night whose service begins Thursday I thought about a prospect I'm meeting with today. I meet with my accountant today about some paper work, and soon after that I'll be at my daughter's soccer game. 

Life is good. 

I had coffee with an acquaintance on Friday for business advice, and I spoke at length with a good friend I advertise with. 

These observations are important to remember because life and business gets so busy you forget to chronicle them for the ole brain. If I don't write it down I forget it, and times like this create momentum, and they empower you to grind through the bad. 

There's plenty of bad to write about, but I am not going to dwell on it because it doesn't create progress. I'm not going to deny it either because when you ignore failure you make it larger. 

I celebrate my victories, but I learn from my failure. 

I encourage you to do the same. 

Daniel Tomlinson