A New Old Vision

I'm in the process of returning to an earlier vision of what I had for Clean Houses. Tomorrow I'll be in Green Hills servicing a long-time client. I am also having coffee with a business person who I think will have insight into how to connect with the clients I'm trying to get in front of. 

As I sat in the car line today waiting for my daughter I observed a former co-worker in her high-end car. She has worked hard in the real estate industry, and I was happy to see some of the fruits of her labor. Some people become jealous. I choose to be inspired by others success. It drives me. 

I've always strived to not sacrifice my family on the altar of my career, and this latest endeavor is no exception. Living a balanced life is important, and when I'm on my deathbed no one will be asking to see my financial portfolio. 

There is freedom in zeroing in on a singular achievement. Writing it down is a powerful directional focus to get there too. 

Daniel Pink is coming out with a book called When, and from what I've read about it the premise is about timing in business. Timing is important in business. The customer has to be ready to buy, and the employee has to be ready to work. It's elementary I know, but so much time and energy can be saved when we realize this simple truth. We also can't be afraid to ask. And when we ask we should stop talking to listen to the answer.

As someone who sells residential cleaning I believe in it strongly because as I wrote in the last post I buy my own service once a week. I don't ever ask someone to do what I'm not doing myself. My daughter's sense of fairness taught me this. Leaders are willing to get dirty with those they lead. 

I think the timing is better to return to the Clean Houses vision I mentioned above. I've learned some things that I think have prepared me better to service the clientele I'm trying to get. 

Failure is a powerful teacher, and my failures over the last two years have hurt, but the lessons have not gone unnoticed. 

I'm excited, optimistic and hopeful about my current trajectory. I look forward to sharing more about this journey.

Ya'll have a good weekend if I don't post tomorrow.  

Daniel Tomlinson