Seeing Beauty

Building beautiful things takes time. I get to clean two beautiful houses tomorrow. Taylor gets to clean a beautiful house on Saturday. It's taken ten years to arrive at a place where I'm able to see more beauty over the problems that confront Clean Houses everyday. 

Beauty is part of healing. Every organization, family, church and school has beauty in it. Sometimes it has to be searched out because the obstacles are tough to overcome. But it's there. There's a fine line between comparing myself to others and admiring the beauty I see. 

I choose to admire the beauty. 

We choose our thoughts. If my thoughts aren't taking me where I want them to take me I have to be more intentional about directing them. Many times that's logging out of whatever social media platform I'm in. Other times it's opening my eyes to the incredible beauty I see in each home. 

I hope you see beauty where you are right now. 

Daniel Tomlinson