Standing In The Way

Information comes at us a thousand miles and hour. As life marches on we process it, and then we make decisions based upon it. The Bible says no man can serve two masters, and I agree, so how do we process the information we receive without it literally driving us crazy? 

It's a good question that has many correct answers. Even just a single day can be overwhelming for one person as they seek to accomplish all that is on their to do list. I think for me personally as I look at it in the context of my own life I have to take time to look at where I've come from, where am I, and where am I going? It's a process is it not? Not every decision I make ends where I always want it. What do I do with conflict and obstacles that delay the destination? Is life really not a destination and more of a journey? I think the answer is yes and no. 

Strategic plans are important, but does that mean they can't be flexible? I really enjoy cleaning houses, hence the name of my business, but this past Friday I had three cancellations because of the weather. That happens. Was I grounded in misery because I didn't get to clean? I was not. I made the best of a situation I did not want because being in a job with 100% commission is hard when you don't work. I would not have it any other way. There are other times when I'll clean six houses in a day, so the days with no houses balances out. 

Life is like that in a lot of ways. I realize many people work forty hours a week with regular hours, and that's fine, but even those good people have feast or famine moments in their day to day lives. No one hits a home run every time they go up to bat to use a baseball analogy. 

Be patient with yourself. Give yourself mercy. Hold yourself accountable, and put deadlines on goals, but give yourself mercy when you have to extend the deadline. 

You've heard the story of the person on a diet who eats one bite of ice cream. They beat themselves up over not being "self-disciplined" enough to deny the craving, so they eat the whole carton. Everyone struggles with this kind of imbalance. 

Recognize it, make adjustments, but never throw in the towel even if the ice cream carton is empty. Forgive yourself, and forgive others who you might blame for "standing" in the way.  

Daniel Tomlinson