A Fallen Nature

Actions have consequences even if those consequences come years later. It's a system of accountability that is good for teaching. 

I'd imagine BP Oil is familiar with this reality. I've recently seen commercials on television by them apologizing for the Gulf oil spill that happened years ago. Grant it, people lost their lives in that terrible accident, but nonetheless BP was respectful and loving enough to do all they could do humanly to make it right. 

We live in a fallen world that is capable of great beauty, but for the time being we are subject to it's fallen nature. 

I don't know how to tell you to endure under the consequences of your actions because every situation is different. I do know you'll survive, and will eventually thrive if you don't give up. 

Let's make this a week of not giving up. 

Here's to hope, promise and a new day. 

Daniel Tomlinson