When All Is "Lost"

I just had to make two hard decisions for the survival of my business. Don't go into business for yourself if you think it's easier. It's not. You have to work more, but if you enjoy what you do it's worth the tradeoff. 

Be patient with yourself because unless your this brilliant MBA grad you're going to make mistakes. I'd imagine even MBAers make mistakes. 

Years ago when I was selling handmade rugs and upholstery fabric downtown I was speaking with a man who told me that when your out-go exceeds your income your downfall becomes your up-keep. 

There is a difference between book learning and experience learning. I've learned the above through experience. I could quote it over and over in my head, but some of us have to learn the hard way. 

This lesson has not come without it's positive points however, so I'm done beating myself up. About a year ago I was helping an individual get back on his feet, and about the same time I received a lucrative deal with a prospect whom I was cleaning for three days a week. When that individual got back on his feet I lost that lucrative contract, and so I begin to play catch up because as mentioned above I made some bad decisions thinking I could replace that contract quickly. 

I still haven't replaced it, but thankfully I do not have to close the business because I made some wise decisions in light of present circumstances. 

Life is hard, and no one said life was going to be fair. We can throw in the towel, and many of you have had to do that, and I'm so sorry you had to go through that. But when we refuse to give up we cross a threshold of perseverance that many people never experience. Don't give up. Life may not go the way you thought it would go, but many times when we can look calmly at the situation and put one foot in front of the other we can avoid a complete and utter "failure." 

It's easier said then done, but it's possible. 

Daniel Tomlinson