I've been thinking about distractions lately. A distraction keeps you from accomplishing that one thing you're trying to achieve. My wife is good about focusing on what she is trying to achieve. We'll be married for nineteen years in December, and before that we dated for two. I've seen her accomplish everything she set out to do. It's inspirational. 

The thing about that is when you consider the distractions that come along you have to ask yourself if the tradeoff is worth it. Most of us aren't ten talented people who can spin multiple plates at a time. We have to know our limitations because if we allow too many irons in the fire then one of those irons is not going to be very hot. 

The thing for me is that I am not able to be what I need to be for the most important people in my life when I am frazzled at getting it all done. My limitations require plenty of rest, regular meal times, and time with family and friends. Some people can get by with a little sleep, although I doubt their quality of life very much because no one can sustain that over a lifetime. 

Time management if difficult, and even if you are employed by the man you have to allocate the way you spend time. Be patient, but don't be afraid to drop something if it's not ultimately serving your life's purpose. 

Daniel Tomlinson