Clean Water

I have one amazing daughter. Here's what my friend Rob Touchstone had to say about her and a friend. "...God has worked through 2 incredible middle school girls. These 2 girls worked hard all school year to raise funds and will be presenting $1,000 to The Well to drill a well that will provide clean water for over 400 people!"

She has been working hard all year to raise funds for this well, and when I read Rob's post on Facebook that it would supply water indefinitely for 400 people I was beaming even more on Father's Day. 

Every time you make a purchase at any of the The Well Coffeehouse locations you are contributing to the construction of clean water wells in third world countries.

Rob's vision began as a paper when we were in graduate school. That vision has now become three vibrant coffeehouses, and a fourth one is on the way in downtown Nashville.  

The Well is a full service coffeehouse, and they are on a mission to provide clean water for those who don't have it. We take water for granted because we have incredible purification technology for our water from sea to shining sea with ethical people who care enough to work hard to provide that clean water. 

The Well also has several campus churches that are winning souls to Christ, so be sure to check out any of those campuses as well. 

Here's to clean water. 

Daniel Tomlinson