Cool People Care

I had Morgan take a personality profile because it gives me greater clarity into how to treat my employees. 

Understanding is so important. When I fail to walk a mile in the shoes of another human being I am merely back peddling through progress. There is no progress, and the resentment created between me and another individual is palpable. 

This happens when I become blinded by my own agenda, and I fail to ask another person what I do not know about a particular subject. 

Too many times as a leader I've allowed haste to make waste, and when an idea, job or agenda trumps a human being waste is the result. 

Gathering information is not only vital, but it clarifies love between two people. And yes I did use the word love in a marketplace context because as an unashamed Christian love governs all I do 24/7. Albeit imperfectly, but nonetheless there will come a time when love will trump hate and apathy. 

I wore a t-shirt today that says, "Cool People Care." And I do care because we need more people who care. 

Do you care? 

Daniel Tomlinson