Work You Love

My daughter had an awards assembly yesterday to congratulate all the students who hustled throughout the year. I loved the passages of Scripture Mr. Pickens read about work at the beginning. 

I am honored to be associated with a delightful millennial named Morgan who inspires me in her work with Clean Houses. She has an incredible attitude, and our conversations are wonderful. 

Thank you Morgan for all you do. It's easy to take those we interact with on a daily basis for granted, but when we pause long enough to realize what a blessing our spouses, children and co-workers are we cross a threshold of gratitude that not only gives us physical energy, but it blesses those around us. 

I truly enjoy cleaning houses. It makes my customers healthier, and it empowers me to heal from depression. Thank you to all of you who make this possible. The list of thank you's to the people who are making this possible is too lengthy to write here, but I think you know who you are. 

I bring up Morgan because I spend a plethora of hours with her every day, and without her we literally could not do what we do.

It's amazing the power of one person, and when you combine efforts you truly have something special that some never get to experience. 

I hope you're an exception, and if you're having trouble with that as I did for many years please become familiar with the 48 Days organization. Their link is below. 

48 Days

Daniel Tomlinson