Creation Calling

Art and work are inextricable. When the life of a blogger walks about this world the content sometimes comes pouring in. Today was one of those days. What's funny is that not one house was cleaned today. 

Morgan arrived this morning, and as I finished another cup of coffee we did some small admin jobs before we headed to Kinkos for copies. 

As we both grappled with the slow going on 440 we contemplated different things as we approached our parking destination on Granny White. Draper's was kind enough to allow us to leave flyers for our cleaning service, and as Morgan and I transversed across the Lipscomb campus we made even more connections as I told her stories of history with my alma mater. She's an old soul like me because our parents raised us to connect with adults. 

Some of our destinations were fruitful, but not all of them were. That's life isn't it? That's art and work. The arts and manual labor are important to me. I count on technology to inform others of my manual labor, and I count on it to show me incredible films like Fantastic Beasts. I suppose you could call a vacuum cleaner technology, but it's very low compared to my iPhone or our Vizio sound bar. My guitar, that is not getting used at the moment, is a piece of art that has created art in the past, and as I contemplate the work that needs to go into that expression of art I know self-discipline is in order. Residential cleaning is a similar beast as two who clean incredible homes have to attest to the fact that though it is low skill some people butcher it to the point you wonder if any work was done. 

Crafting a business, life or art requires commitment. 

Be patient with yourself when you are doing this. An excellent book to shed light on our creations is Free Play. The context is improv, but you can apply it to any endeavor that requires sustained concentration. 

Here's to the actor and entrepreneur in all of us. 

Daniel Tomlinson