Nothing is accomplished without vision. I recently became acquainted with an individual who has vision. As I think about this individual I observe what they have done, and it's very inspiring, but my relationship with them is over because they and me burned the bridge that connected us. 

That's ok because those of us given vision persevere through adversity even though there are some in similar circumstances who give up. 

It's 5:40am right now, and my vision last night was to get up at 5am. I've obviously already accomplished that goal. I've eaten breakfast, gathered the things I need today, and now I'm writing a post on my business blog about it. 

Nothing is accomplished without vision, and vision is not fulfilled unless activity is part of the equation. 

There are so many things in life that can get you down. Our visions are constantly tested because of our own fear, frustration with how long it takes to accomplish something and lack of money. Always double the amount of time and money it takes to accomplish a given task. Write your vision down. Life itself will put a due date on a vision because if you haven't noticed life does not slow down. Sure, you can hit the snooze button several times, but you still have to get up at some point. Postponing the inevitable is living in denial of the passage of time. Time will pass whether we live in denial of it or not. 

This does not mean we don't have flexibility in our visions. Yesterday there was 3 houses on my schedule to clean. I got to the third house, but the door was locked, so I went to my second office, The Well, to take care of some administrative tasks associated with the business. I also read a book I'm working on to help me become a better parent. 

Vision requires a commitment, but it also requires flexibility. 

Be patient as you balance the two. 

Daniel Tomlinson