I was trained to work in the pastorate. I now work in the marketplace, but my calling to the pastorate has not expired. 

Mercy and grace are as much a part of the marketplace as they are religion. You find opportunities to exercise them wherever people are found. Does that mean we condone parishioners who commit adultery? Does that mean we condone bad work performance? No on both counts. 

Judging bad choices is not judging a person's self-worth. It's paradoxical is it not whether you are extending the hand of grace in the church or in the marketplace? 

As a father I cannot allow my daughter to disrespect her mother, and as an employer I cannot let an employee disrespect a customer. 

There will always be a system of checks and balances for good to win over evil because God has put in place such a reality. Too many times in our culture the great sin is to get caught, but as Christians in the marketplace we have a higher calling. 

We know that our Father is always watching, and because of His unconditional love for all of us we are driven by that, not the fear of being caught. 

May we all be merciful to each other. 

Daniel Tomlinson