A New Year

It's an exciting time to be in business. There are several reasons I think and feel that way. Obviously I live and work in Nashville, and our growth is unprecedented. The housing and commercial real estate market continue to boom, and my surface level research confirms what I found a few years ago. By the year 2025 we will be the size of the metro Denver area. That's 2.5 million people.

And the income is not just from tourism. We have a steady population working in the tech industry. That's not to say we're anything like Silicon Valley because my hat is always off to that mecca of tech. As I contemplate the creation of an app for Clean Houses I'm encouraged to see several companies that can fit the bill for an excellent app that will increase business. 

I'm also excited about growth because I have a strong desire to spearhead more intentional movement of my organization dedicated to helping others heal and cope with depression. We never find a place in life where there is no conflict, but we do find ways to cope and deal successfully with the problems that confront us on a daily basis. That's what makes us strong. Beyond Sad is going to be a for-profit arm of Clean Houses that not only pays for professional counseling for those who fight depression, but it's going to save lives and give quality of life back to those who don't have it. 

When business provides jobs and provides funding for illness it does what it was designed to do. 

I look forward to 2018 as Clean Houses becomes a stronger voice in that conversation.  

Daniel Tomlinson