Tidying Up

Some of you have likely seen reality shows that depict people who are dramatic hoarders. They can't throw anything away. They literally can't throw anything away. You've see the episodes where the loved one who began the intervention is climbing into the house over stuff without even so much as seeing the floor. Those are dramatic examples that are perfect for that kind of reality show. 

What do you do when it's not so dramatic, but the issue keeps you from living your best life? Stuff can really weigh us down to the point we become paralyzed from making progress. I know because I've experienced. 

I know too because as a professional cleaner I've seen places that were not getting their complete money's worth because they had too much stuff to clean around. I'm not making excuses for the lazy housekeeper who isn't willing to dust under knick knacks, but I am asking homeowners to rethink the knick knacks they think they need or want. 

Marie Kondo's advice is perfect for this. When you hold an item in your hand and you meditate on it ask yourself if it gives you joy? Skip the question about whether or not you've used in a year, and even if you acquired it yesterday ask yourself if it still gives you joy. If it doesn't give it away or sell it. 

A few posts ago here at Clean Houses we announced that we now have professional organizing, but I told Lindsey to pull back on the reins of that a bit until we can truly launch a quality organizing service. And that still remains, but I look forward to being able to do that because it will enhance our desire to clean houses. It will also empower us to work smarter, clean more houses and help others find joy. 

Pleases contact us here if you're interested in our maid service. You can also visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and we'd love the opportunity to earn your business in 2018. 

Daniel Tomlinson