Our Pitch

I want a clean house and clean laundry and a better image when family and friends come over.

The problem is obviously a dirty house and laundry, and I need help with both.

A dirty house frustrates me. Dust on my furniture makes my allergies worse. Seeing laundry baskets full of unfolded laundry overwhelms me.

I’m embarrassed when company drops by, and I have a dirty house. I’m frustrated when I’m getting ready for work because I have a mountain of clothes I didn’t have time to wash.

I know how it feels to have dirty house. Your allergies are worse when dust is not removed from the places it collects. Weekends are more relaxing when you aren’t playing catch up with the the mountain of laundry.

Clean Houses has been helping Nashville clean house and laundry for 11 years.

The process is easy.

  1. Let’s meet in your home.

  2. We’ll create a plan

  3. We’ll work the plan once a week, every other week, every three weeks or once a month.

Your customer satisfaction agreement lasts for one year. The quality you receive is A1 on the first clean and the last clean should you choose not to sign another contract.

Call us right now at (615) 299-6488 to start the time saving process.

Using our service will make you healthier and happier, and you’ll have more time to do what you’d rather be doing.

Using our service will help you avoid failure. Consider the following.

  • Family and friends will look down on you because you have a dirty house.

  • Morning routines will be harder if not impossible if you don’t have the necessary garments to get ready.

  • Bugs, dirt and viruses have more places to hide when your residence is not clean.

  • You’ll spend more time at the doctor because a dirty residence will increase sick days.

We want to guide you from feeling bad that the house wasn’t clean and the laundry was backing up to concentrating on the important aspects to make your day run smoother. It’s a chasm we help many Nashvillians cross.

Photo by  Artem Bali  on  Unsplash

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash